Wednesday, 28 March 2018 15:24

Deputy Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro participates in the meeting of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments

Several issues of importance for the work of parliamentary administrations considered during the three-day meeting

The meeting of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments, as the advisory body to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, was held simultaneously with the 138th Session of the IPU. During the meeting of the Association, which began on 26 March, Secretaries-General of parliaments from around 70 countries have, through presentations and debates, exchanged experiences and opinions on current challenges and issues thar the parliamentary administrations encounter in their daily work.

The first general debate was dedicated to the relationship between the parliament and the government, when, through discussion in groups, particular attention was paid to cooperation between the parliament and the government in planning and organising parliamentary work, negative attitude towards the parliament and the ethics of the public service, the role of the parliament in the establishment and composition of the government and parliamentary oversight of the work of the government.

During the second general debate on jurisdictions of the judiciary in the area of internal parliamentary affairs, different experiences of the parliaments with regard to the legislative and other acts of the parliament and the oversight powers of the Constitutional and Administrative Court have been presented.

Parliament and the society, the role of civil society in innovative processes in parliaments, were also one of the topics of the meeting of the Association, and attention was drawn by presentations on the influence of Brexit on the parliaments of other EU countries.

The meeting of the Association of Secretaries General included the presentation of the proposal for the establishment of the Centre for Innovation in Parliament, through the partnership of the Interparliamentary Union and parliaments, with the aim of maximising the potential of parliaments by the use of digital technology in parliamentary procedures, communication and inclusion of citizens.