Tuesday, 12 December 2017 14:23

Secretary General with his associates participates in conference of secretaries of working bodies of parliaments and assemblies of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Experiences and practice of the Parliament of Montenegro in Montenegro’s process of accession to the EU was presented

The two-day conference in Jahorina, dedicated to the role of parliaments in the European integration process via parliamentary cooperation and inclusion of the civil sector, was marked by the exchange of opinions and experiences in the field of integration and reforms, especially through engagement and coordination of working bodies.

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Aleksandar Jovićević greeted the participants of the conference and informed them about the work of the Parliament in the field of Montenegro's accession to the EU. He emphasised in his address that the strengthening of the institution was based on the strengthening of its administrative capacities. In this regard, he emphasised the commitment of the Parliament to the developing of a competent and professional Service, through adequate training, recruitment of new personnel, and inclusion of staff in all processes related to the European integration process, which at the beginning of the negotiation process was a significant step forward in ensuring the opportunity to gain an insight into the entire European Union acquis with which the national legislation should be harmonised.

Deputy Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Ms Marija Mirjačić spoke about the role of parliaments in information campaigns on the European integration and the inclusion of civil society in this process. Within the panel, she informed the participants on the activities of the Parliament aimed at increasing the awareness of citizens about the entire process of the European integration, but also about the strengthening of the institutional dialogue and cooperation of the Parliament with the non-governmental sector, as well as the projects of importance to the general public, making the Parliament the most open parliament in region.

Associate at the Secretariat for the Committee on European Integration Ms Marija Milošević spoke at the panel dedicated to the activities of the Committee on European Integration aimed at raising the awareness about the reforms in society and bringing the process closer to the citizens. Activities aimed at maintaining the dynamics of the negotiation process, promotion of the accession process, but also concrete results of the cooperation of the Parliament and the Government of Montenegro, as well as international cooperation with other parliaments not only with the EU accession countries, but also with the EU member states.

The colleagues from the parliaments and assemblies of Bosnia and Herzegovina were interested in the issues of the structure of the working groups in the negotiating process, the role of the Parliament in the process of harmonisation of the national legislation, the relationship between the representatives of the non-governmental sector and the Parliament, and the key challenges in the work of the working bodies.

They jointly pointed out the importance of encouraging cooperation among the parliaments in the region and of strengthening coordination, aimed at greater inclusiveness, regional cooperation, and exchange of best practices.

The conference, held for the sixth time, is organised by the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina.