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Thursday, 01 June 2017 15:05

MP Mr Luigj Shkrela visits Democracy Workshops

MP Mr Luigj Shkrela today has visited Democracy Workshops and talked with students of class VIb of the Primary School “Meksiko” from Bar.

The students were interested in hearing about the job of the MPs and what it entailed, why the elections were important in a democracy, as well as what he had to say to the children.

MP Mr Shkrela said that the job of the MP was responsible and demanding, but also satisfying, because it enabled the person doing that job to adopt important decisions to the benefit of the citizens. He pointed out that he was glad to had participated in the adoption of some of the most significant decisions and acts for our country.

During his conversation with the students, MP Mr Shkrela emphasised that as an MP - as a representative of the people - one should be aware of the trust given to that person by the citizens in the elections.

He also said that the elections were important in a democracy, because they represented the voice of the people and that all of us should work on promotion of democracy.

At the end of the visit, the MP conveyed a message to the students - that it was important to chose their own path, persevere in it, and never give up what seemed right to them.

Democracy Workshops “Barbara Prammer” are an educational programme of the Parliament of Montenegro, within which the children of primary school age, in a four-hour long workshops, learn about: parliamentary democracy, functioning of the parliament, adoption and implementation of laws, and other topics within civic education.