Friday, 28 April 2017 15:02

1000th democracy workshop held

Within the education programme of the Parliament of Montenegro - Democracy Workshops “Barbara Pramer”, 1000th workshop was held with students of “Njegoš” Primary School in Kotor today.

From October 2012, when the implementation of the programme has started, until today, the programme gathered 22376 students from 118 Montenegrin schools from all over Montenegro.

Furthermore, the following took part in the workshops: students of an international school from Podgorica, a primary school from the Check Republic, a secondary school from the Great Britain, a secondary religious school from Podgorica as well as attendees of the  English Microscolarship Access from Nikšić. In addition to the above stated schools, MPs, domestic and foreign officials as well as other guests participated in the workshops.

Moreover, 36 mobile workshops within this programme were held in schools from 11 Montenegrin municipalities.

The workshops cover three topics: “Democracy and Parliament”, “European Union” and “Human Rights”. They are held during the whole school year, every working day in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.