The Parliament of Montenegro pays special attention to publicity and openness of its work.  Free access to information is an important segment of the principle of transparency. 

Article 51 of the Constitution of Montenegro stipulates that everyone shall have the right of access to information in possession of state authorities and organisations exercising public authority. The right of access to information may be restricted if it is in the interest of: protection of life, public health, morality and privacy, carrying out of criminal proceedings, security and defence of Montenegro, foreign, monetary, and economic policy.  This right is exercised by submitting a request for access to information to which the response is given in accordance with the Law on Free Access to Information.

The Law on Free Access to Information (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 44/12) was adopted on 26 July 2012, and it is being implemented as of 17 February 2013. In the end of April 2017, the Law on Amendments to the Law on Free Access to Information was adopted (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No 30/17).

The Parliament of Montenegro receives a large number of requests and responds to all of them. In 2016, a total of 88 requests were submitted (with 94 items/sub-requests). The submitters of requests are most often the non-governmental organisations.

The requests seek various information, but most often legal regulations, information relating to financial operations, and various information from the domain of legislative and oversight role of the Parliament of Montenegro.

On its web page, the Parliament of Montenegro regularly publishes its decisions and other individual acts which are significant for rights, obligations, and interests of third persons, as well as information for which access is granted upon request.

The said requests, along with the accompanying documents, as well as detailed tabular overview with data on submitters of requests, date of receipt and of response, number of items and type of response can be found below. Furthermore, the annual performance reports of the Parliament of Montenegro contain summarised data on the number of submitted requests along with the number of items/sub-requests, as well as the type of responses.

pdfLaw on Free Access to Information

pdfGuide for Free Access to Information possessed by the Parliament of Montenegro

pdfSubmitted requests for Free Access to Information